You can choose among a wide range of options the one which suits you best: one-to-one, group of 4, group of 10, but also intensive summer courses or children classes.

Find a complete description of each option from our menu :  “Language Courses”.


Our courses levels refer to the CEFR:

Common European Framework of Reference for Languages which is a system created by the Council of Europe and scales six levels of language:

  • A1 – A2: Basic user
  • B1 – B2: Independent user
  • C1 – C2: Proficient user



Our teaching method is based on a communicative approach and an action prospect which bring to consider you as a social actor having tasks to achieve (not only linguistic), in a ordinary daily life context : social or professional.

During the lessons, all the linguistic communication activities are practiced:

  • Reception activities : reading and listening
  • Production activities : speaking and writing
  • Interactive activities : speaking and writing

Our teachers are familiar with the CEFR frame and they will be able to determine your level quickly. Nevertheless before you join a class you will be asked to do a placement test.