As this course is designed for children, lessons last only 45 minutes for Early Years classes and 1 hour or 1 hour 30 according to the age group for the other classes.

Specific teaching method and material specially adapted for kids are used.


This course will able your child to develop his interest to learn either French language and cultural aspects.

It has 3 levels and runs throughout the year.

Several options are available:

  • one-to-one
  • group of 4
  • group of 10


Each course lasts 3 months and consent to achieve a level.



  • A curriculum adapted to kids
  • Interactive teaching material
  • Regular support and assessment
  • Various and playful activities
  • Good environment learning


Who should attend?

This course will enable your children to :

  • Discover or extend their knowledge of the French language
  • Explore French cultural aspects
  • Learn basic words and sentences rapidly


Course Content

This course includes:

  • A first assessment to place your children into the suitable class
  • A 3 months curriculum with clear learning objectives
  • Homework and regular exercises
  • Regular assessment
  • Support and tips to ensure progress


“I love speaking French. It’s funny and I already know many words. This summer we are going to France on holidays. I am looking forward to help my parents at the restaurant.”
Emily, Schoolgirl, 11 years old