Our philosophy is simple: we want to make sure that you will achieve your goal !

French Academy delivers first-class lessons to guarantee you will improve significantly your fluency in French, both in speaking and writing.

It usually takes several years or even a decade to master a language by using traditional learning methods. With our expertise based on many years’ teaching experience, you will see swift and quick improvements after a few weeks only.

philoFrench Academy only employs French native teachers specialized in teaching French as a foreign language.

During class we use a wide range of activities that offers the same environment as a full-immersion in France. Our pedagogy is modern and innovative using authentic documents and multimedia material that stimulate participation.

French Academy’s method will help you to gain confidence in French by a participative learning atmosphere that makes learning more engaging and fun!

Regular follow up and assessment will give you success and significant improvement.

As well as the language, you will develop a cross-cultural competence. This is a great asset to increase competitiveness in an increasingly global job market.

French Academy allows flexibility. You can access online when you want, anywhere you are, from the comfort of your own home and even during summer and holiday breaks.

Learning with us you will save you time and money by eliminating travel expenses, registration costs, consultant fees and other expenses associated with seminars and on-site meetings.


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