Learn how to adapt easily in France if you have planned to pursue your studies in a French university or a high school.

This tailor-made training lasts 2-4 or 8 hours. You will learn the basics about the educative system in France. How to adapt easily to a French university or a high school.

etudianteWhy should you attend “Studying in France?”

Every year, about 130,000 foreign students from all over the world come to France.

France is an attractive choice for studying offering a wide range of top universities or high schools supported by a high performing educative system and very accessible fees compare to most of other countries.

This training has been developed to help students to adapt more easily when they arrive in France to pursue their studies by a clear understanding of  the French educative system and the methods of learning.

In this course you will learn about the various choices of universities towns and how to apply for the one you have selected, which level of language is required to be accepted and what are the exams you need to succeed to be selected by a university as a foreign student



  • A framework of the French educative system.
  • Which university to chose according to your specialization
  • How to apply for a French university
  • Languages levels required by field or specialization
  • Methods of learning as a French student
  • Overview of French students associations or unions
  • Rights and regulations for foreign students


Who should attend?

This course will be of benefit to you if you are wishing to:

  • Pursue you studies in France
  • Increase your chance to get accepted / selected in a French university
  • Know more about studying environment in France
  • Develop a cross cultural understanding before you relocate


Course Content

Studying in France course includes:

  • An overview of the French educative system
  • A presentation of the main universities and high school in France
  • Training for a language exams levels entry
  • Clear understanding of you rights as a foreign student
  • A presentation of the main organisms you will deal with when arriving in France
  • Keys tips and methodology for being successful during your studies
  • An clear understanding of the cooperation between Universities and businesses


“I am studying engineering. Thanks to this course I was at my ease when I arrived and I even helped some of my countrymen who were completely lost in the French bureaucratic system. !”
Ahmed, 25 years old, student at ENSIACET -Toulouse